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Not only do we perform corporate tax preparation, but we also assist in tax planning. With taxman59 you can get the advice you need to minimize your taxes and maximize your profits. When running a business you must consider the tax implications for every decision you make. By using our services we will be your eyes to help you not overlook any potential tax issues and savings.


Sorry to say but writing yourself a check from your business does not count as payroll. There are many state and federal liabilities you must file or you will be headed for trouble. But who has the time to learn all of the necessary steps? With our many years of experience why not leave the headaches to us. We are versatile in multi state payroll and can service anywhere from a single employee to a large corporation.


Our consulting services range from suggesting the best software to use to creating long term business strategies. At Taxman59 our goal is to help you reach your goal. Some of the things our consulting may help you with is financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and new ventures.

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Incorporating yourself directly impacts your taxes and income, therefore you need to consult with a tax professional before ever taking a step towards incorporating. Do you know what the various types of business entities are and which of these the federal government will recognize? We can offer you knowledgeable guidance throughout your incorporation process.


Do you know what your profit line is at this moment? After all the profit line is the basis for your taxes. Bookkeeping must to be an integral part of managing your own business. Having a reliable, competent, bookkeeper is just as important. Taxman59 will meet all of those bookkeeping needs. We provide a full range of bookkeeping solutions, from a simple one on one training session to full bookkeeping services.


How many times has the dreaded April 15th caught you off guard. By using us to prepare your taxes we will help you minimize your taxes and plan accordingly for the following year. We can prepare your taxes whether you are a college student or a traveling salesman with revenue in all 50 states.


Analyze The Opportunities

We specialize in financial modeling, from startups to public companies. High-Quality Models. Experienced Team.